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Domodedovo international Airport (Russia Airport)

Domodedovo International Airport is Russia's largest airport that holds the leading positions among Moscow area airports in terms of passenger traffic. Overall passenger throughput at Domodedovo in 2007 reached 18.7 million passengers, a 22% increase over the same period of 2006. Such a significant growth was supported by the launch of services from the airport by new airlines, the reconstruction of the airport facilities, implementation of new technologies as well as enhancement of customer services.
Domodedovo International Airport Today, Domodedovo works with 81 partner airlines, including 29 Russian, 37 foreign and 15 air carriers from the CIS countries, which fly to 217 destinations in Russia and world-wide.
In May 2006 Domodedovo International Airport won the “Best CIS airport – 2005” contest organized by the “Airport” Association of Civil Aviation. In 2006 Domodedovo won the “Best airport of the world – 2006” contest as the second best airport in the “Best airport of Eastern Europe” nomination as rated by Skytrax.
The EAST LINE Group (the operator of Domodedovo) is currently implementing a Domodedovo International Airport Development Plan designed in accordance with the passenger traffic growth.
The EAST LINE Group includes companies providing a full scope of ground handling services, servicing passengers, and managing the airport complex.
A new overhauled Domodedovo passenger terminal is a modern terminal that offers its clients services in line with the European standards.
An effective provision of services to clients are ensured by Domodedovo Airport Commercial Agency which is responsible for the marketing strategy and its implementation.
Domodedovo International Airport Domodedovo Airport Handling provides ground handling of partner airlines’ aircraft. The company views provision of better quality and more effective ground handling services as its principal technological development area.
In 2005 a new company of the EAST LINE Group – Domodedovo Airport Development – was established. Integrated utilization of commercial real estate of various designations located within the 35 –kilometer radius of the airport is one of the principal operation areas of Domodedovo Airport Development. The company is currently implementing two large-scale projects – Airport City and Aerotropolis.
In 2006, the EAST LINE Group transformed its capital construction service into Domodedovo Construction Management CJSC. One of the key objectives of the company is to determine airport development conditions, including territorial ones, for the period of 2010 – 2020, and in the long perspective – up to 2050, taking into account interconnected development of adjacent territories.
Within a large-scale investment program the EAST LINE Group constructed air cargo complex that meets the strictest requirements of cargo operators and airlines. Domodedovo-Terminal operates 24 hours a day, offers a full scope of cargo services, and processes all kinds of cargo categories, including dangerous ones (including explosives and fissile radioactive substances).
Domodedovo International Airport Domodedovo Air Service in-flight catering facility supplies quality in-flight meals to the airlines that operate services from Domodedovo and to Russian railroad operators.
Hotel is a mandatory infrastructural element of any large airport. Domodedovo International Airport operates a modern four-star hotel complex – Domodedovo Airhotel.
Domodedovo aerodrome complex is one of the best in Russia in terms of its equipment and infrastructure. One of the aerodrome’s features is the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System that has been developed by the EAST LINE specialists and is being put into operation. The system is second to none in the Russian civil aviation.
Domodedovo Aircraft Maintenance Base (AMB) is a leading enterprise in Russia in the provision of aircraft technical maintenance and repair services. In accordance with the Order of the RF Air Transport Federal Agency Domodedovo AMB was appointed the main Base of maintenance and overhaul of "Ilushin" aircraft family.
One of the leading projects implemented by the EAST LINE Group over the past several years was the creation of the national Foreign-made aircraft technical maintenance and modification center that was established on the basis of the Domodedovo AMB in partnership with Boeing Corporation. EAST LINE Teknik LLC, was established on the basis of the Domodedovo AMB in June of 2002.
Domodedovo International Airport Domodedovo Jet Service is a part of the EAST LINE Group that ensures uninterrupted and safe fueling of aircraft with high-quality aviation fuel in compliance with the international standards using modern equipment and technologies. The enterprise acquires, stores, prepares, exercises quality control, and fuels aircraft with aviation fuels and special liquids.
One of the priorities of EAST LINE Group is to ensure security of air transportations. Domodedovo Aviation Security is responsible for assurance of security on the territory of the airport complex. The work of Domodedovo Aviation Security and the implementation of targeted programmes of EAST LINE Group have turned Domodedovo into one of the most secure airports.
Protection of EAST LINE Group facilities and apprehension of individuals attempting to access the controlled area without authorization are ensured by the Domodedovo Airport Guard security service.
The EAST LINE Group plans to continue the development of the airport and to turn it into a major international transport hub.
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